Restoring rare and threatened trees

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The project aims at conservation of highly threatened trees African mahogany (Khaya anthotheca), Drum tree (Cordia millenii) and Brown Mahogany (Lovoa swynnertonii) using in situ approach. These trees are rare, endangered in Uganda, and Vulnerable according to IUCN Red List, but endemic to Koome Island in Lake Victoria, and of great importance to the community for boat making, firewood, timber, biodiversity conservation and other uses..


Like in all the developing countries, Uganda and Koome Island inclusive, the rare and endangered tree species are disappearing from Koome Island majorly due to over exploitation for timber, charcoal burning, poverty and other uses. Their regeneration is very poor for scarcity of mature trees and genetic erosion on this Island .


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The project will use integrated approach on conservation of currently remaining trees by improving habitat conditions and enhancing its population using establishment of community tree nursery beds, training and deployment of tree conservation volunteers, conservation education, establishment of village environmental Conservation Committees and creation of alternative income such bee keeping as a contribution to the species survival.


This project needs more technical and financial support for successfully restore the rare and endangered trees on Koome Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda to achieve sustainable development goal 15.

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