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We envisaged an Island where the communities learn and act together to escape poverty, sustain and restore the nature in the Global village


Hope for Nature work to improve livelihoods of underserved Islands community, restoration and conservation of threatened species in their natural habitats.


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Hope for nature organization


Hope for nature is a registered and unique nonprofit making Organisation under cert MKN/2490/2016. It is well respected grass-root organisation that aims to conserve nature and alleviate poverty through an integrated approach, recognising the inter-relationship between poverty, environmental conservation, sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, poor health and climate change. Our focus encourages local Island people to identify their problems, needs and concerns, our approach is to facilitate or help them to create their own solutions. By working in a participatory way, with community consultation at all stages of programme design and implementation, we ensure that projects are effective and sustainable. We implement activities which promote the social development of the isolated Island in Lake Victoria, the improved management of natural resources and wild life conservation.

Hope for Nature has vast experience of over 5 years in community development, restoration and conservation work in Koome Islands. The organisation has a team of international class professional that innovate and lead project implementation to create much needed solutions to the threats hand in hand with the Islands Community. Hope for Nature has an Executive Board composed of 5 members (4 female, 1 male), with 2 permanent staff and 36 volunteers who can be called upon when needed. Hope for Nature work with an extensive and supportive network of partners, funding organizations both, locally and internationally in order to achieve our mission.

Our Approach;

Our approach is integrative, iterative, and community-based. By working with local Islands communities, landowners, and partner organizations, we are improving livelihoods, restoring and protecting threatened species and its habitats.
We choose and implement projects based on an iterative process.

Observe and listen. Our scientists and community-based volunteers track threatened species conditions and listen to communities, learning social needs and developing good working relationships with key community figures.
Identify a focus. We prioritize the most urgent conservation needs by considering threats, risks, and the status of key species.
Study the problem’s context. We study the focus needs in their entire context—historical, cultural, political, biological, and economic—and begin designing solutions.
Innovate solutions. Since problems usually have several factors, we launch solutions that incorporate several approaches. We apply technology and scientific procedures, incentivize best practices in the community, and implement social programs that involve and empower local communities.
Repeat. Because we are trying to fix a constantly changing system, we are always assessing current conditions and looking for new ideas and ways to improve.

Delivering livelihood improvement and conservation programmes is an enormous undertaking and we need your help.


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